Snowdrop Time At Painswick

Each year, during Late January and February, hundreds of people visit Painswick to enjoy the magnificent swathes of Snowdrops for which the Rococo Garden is famous. I began my residency here last April, so I’ve had to wait for nine months before I could begin to explore the potential of Snowdrop leaf Anthotypes. Today I began my experiments and am delighted to write that my colour swatches show great promise.
When crushed, the leaves emit a delightfully fresh scent that reminds me of pea pods. As I’d collected them in the rain, I didn’t add water for these first samples. The dye is a pretty Spring green of good opacity. One coat may well be enough.

Later this week, I’ll be back in the garden to coat some papers with delicious Snowdrop dye, but I must be patient for a few months more because it will be late March before conditions are right to begin my first exposures.

A couple of weeks ago, I was paid a visit by Garden designer and writer Non Morris. She has written a beautiful blog post about her Winter trip to Gloucestershire. It can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Snowdrop Time At Painswick

  1. Mark Garrett

    Hello Nettie, thank you for spending so much time talking photography, it was a perfect day. I have ordered a hake brush and a pack of transparencies, so as soon as I have created an anthotype, perhaps from the Box Brownie photo’s, I shall be back. Mark

    1. lumilyon Post author

      Hi Mark! It was great to spend time with you and benefit from your badger expertise. Looking forward to our next meet-up and yo seeing the results of your experiments.

  2. cecilymariece

    Beautiful Nettie! I just read Non’s blog post that you mentioned and it is lovely!! Really delighted to see all the amazing papers and plant dyes you have created! I am so inspired by you and your work! xoxo cecily


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