My name is Nettie Edwards and I’m an artist and mobile photographer. Using devices such as an iPhone and iPad, I make photographic images and digital art. This blog documents my year’s residency at the beautiful and unique Rococo Garden in Painswick: a lovely, ancient Wool town that nestles in the hillsides of the English Cotswolds. My camera may represent the cutting-edge of technology, but  I’m here to investigate a rare, historical photographic process known as Anthotypes: photographs printed and developed with nothing more than plant juices and sunlight. I’ve chosen the title Hortus Lucis because it combines the Latin words for “garden” and “light”. I hope you’ll join me as I discover this magical art, following the gardening year, using vegetables and flowers grown in the Kitchen Garden here at Painswick. I’ll be sharing my photographs, experiments, and one or two stories and reflections about the garden’s history, photography, and the people that I meet.

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